Jo-Jo had to go-go

Jo-Jo Reyes’ time in Toronto came to an end on Saturday afternoon when he was designated for assignment by the club. I can’t say the move came as a surprise — the writing appeared to be on the wall following last night’s subpar start against the Rangers.

Reyes started the year off poorly, had his results improve midway through the season but he was just plain awful in his past six outings. Reyes went 2-3 with an 8.60 ERA and a 1.91 WHIP over that span, which is simply not going to get it done.

Despite the numbers, I fully expect him to either be traded in the next 10 days or be claimed off waivers by another team. Left-handers who throw in the mid 90s don’t exactly go on trees so it’s likely another organization will want to take a chance on him — just like Toronto did when he was acquired as part of the deal which brought Yunel Escobar north of the border.

On the main site you can find full reaction to the Reyes DFA, Peter Gammons’ weighs in on Roberto Alomar and Pat Gillick going into the Hall of Fame at the same time and later tonight there will be a full recap of Saturday’s game against the Rangers.

In the meantime, to tide you over, here are some leftovers from John Farrell’s pre-game media scrum:

On whether Reyes was considered for a bullpen role…

“We didn’t consider that given where our bullpen is today and the fact that we felt he was best suited to go through a lineup a couple of times rather then coming in with one dominant, wipeout, strikeout type of pitch where he would match up left on left. We felt like currently the bullpen is better suited than moving him to that spot.”

On whether the Blue Jays would look to fill the SP role outside the organization…

“I think there’s efforts on Alex’s part to test the market and see what’s out there. Certainly, for any kind of pitching the price is going to be high. I know Alex is engaged in conversations all across baseball, if there’s an abiltity to improve the roster in any way. But there isn’t anything imminent to suggest the start on Thursday or Saturday is going to come from that avenue.”

On who would be called up to take Reyes’ spot in the rotation…

“We haven’t made a decision on who that will be. (Jesse) Litsch, (Brad) Mills, (Zach) Stewart certainly those are three internal candidates.

On Jose Bautista starting at DH on Saturday…

“Things are fine. The one thing that we also have to approach with this is any time you get a guy who sprains his ankle there’s going to be an endurance factor that we’ve got to build up. So that was the thought even in outlining it yesterday that the third, DH, third approach would be taken.

“But he wasn’t taken out (on Friday) for reasons that he was getting sore or anything like that last night. The fact is he’s in the lineup every day and that’s a big bat in the middle of our lineup.”

On J.P. Arencibia breaking out of slump with two homers on Friday:

“Particularly the one against (Colby) Lewis — I thought he put up a very good at-bat. He battled, he fouled some pitches off and then he got a breaking ball that hung up in the zone a little bit and did what you’d like to see guys do with it. He hit it a long way.

“Even in his at-bats on Thursday, even though he didn’t have a whole lot to show for it I thought there was more aggressiveness to his swings, he wasn’t feeling for the ball and it carried into last night.”

On Arencibia’s comments about being more concered with his defense than offense…

“You like to hear that from your catcher because the first and foremost thing is getting the most out of the pitcher on the mound at a given time. He takes ownership in the final outcome of a game and the runs put up on the board, I think catchers take that personal and rightfully so. They’re part of that battery to attack an opposing lineup but at the same time, any time you can get that kind of contribution from the guy behind the plate it’s a plus.

On Brett Lawrie going 2-for-5 with a homer on Friday…

“There has been some hard contact. The home run to left-center field last night. He’s doing a good job defensively as well. I think more than anything as we look at situations where a guy misses either a 10, two week or prolonged stretch where they’re able to step right back in and maintain some of the approach that they’ve had prior to the long layoff those are all encouraging signs.

“It hasn’t changed or given us a projected date but it’s good to see him back on the field doing what he’s doing.”

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