Waiting it out at the airport…

I seem to have the worst luck with airports these days. I can’t remember the last road trip I took without having at least one flight that was delayed for — bare minimum — a couple of hours. I’ve lost track of how many flights I’ve had delayed but I must be on a streak of 10-plus at this point. It has become a bit of a running joke among the other journalists because I seem to always get stuck on the plane that’s destined for a mechanical failure or some unexplained delay.

Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi got swept up in my bad luck when we traveled together to Boston earlier this month. This trip I’m flying solo though and just finished a movie but I still have some time to kill. So why not empty out the leftovers from last night’s ballgame.

Here are some quotes that didn’t make it onto the main site. Enjoy!

Brett Cecil

On finding another gear in the ninth inning…

“Down in Triple-A I was doing the same thing. In the ninth inning I was getting up to 92-94 mph. It’s just the adrenaline pumping and wanting to get it done so bad.

“The most tiring last two hitters I’ve ever faced. Mostly (Nelson) Cruz obviously, he fouled off about 10 pitches, 10 fastballs, I told J.P. I can’t get one 94 by him? Not just one or even put it in play or do something?”

On Rangers offense…

“I thought they hit a couple of balls that were going to be home runs but thankfully they hung up in the hot air and guys were able to make some great plays on them. This was a team win. You’ve got guys like Jose Bautista going from third into shallow right field and making diving plays.”

J.P. Arencibia

On Cecil’s night…

T”he biggest thing was keeping the ball down. Getting ahead, he threw strikes, when he got behind he was able to throw an offspeed for a strike. He kept them off balance. It was one of those things, where he has got good stuff, he has a number of pitches he can throw at any time, if he can throw them like that he can be pretty tough.”

John Farrell

On Cecil’s first nine-inning complete game…

“I think if you were to ask any starting pitcher their feeling of accomplishment is to complete a game. And yet, to do it in this ballpark against a team like this. This might not be the one you pick on a calendar to say this is where it’s going to be done. But I think the biggest thing is to attribute the work that he has done with having to go back to Las Vegas, regroup, get some arm strength and it showed tonight. He has thrown some very good ballgames since he came back and tonight was by far the most consistent.”

On allowing Cecil to come back out to start the ninth…

“When he had a quick eighth inning that certainly set up his ability to go back out and have an opportunity to complete it, particularly with Hamilton leading off. But you can tell he was smelling it a little bit. His velocity actually started to creep up in the ninth he had a very competitive at-bat against Cruz and he kept reaching back and still commanding the fastball in the zone.

“You’ve got to tip your hat to the work he has done, what he has come through this year to get to this point tonight, against this club, in this ballpark it’s an outstanding performance.”

On what was working for Cecil…

“He had a very good changeup, which when he’s down with that downward plane it makes the deception on the changeup that much better. He did some work in between the last two starts with Bruce (Walton) out in the bullpen. He made a bit of a change to his delivery. More over the head with his hands which enables him to get a little more compact, enables his arm moving a little bit more to allow that downward plane. ”

On Bautista playing third base…

“We continue to monitor how he comes out of each game he plays defensively. With the sprain of the ankle we have to build some endurance back into that, Monday’s off-day, right now he would play third again Tuesday and we would monitor it from that point going forward.”

On Luis Perez starting in Las Vegas…

“To get regular work, get regular bullpens in between his outings, get regular rest. We’re not converting him back to a starter with his potential return to Toronto in a starting role. To me, the overall approach you’re going to take there, you’re always going to start your best arms and continue to develop them. But he would come back and he has done an excellent job when he was here and really I think we found a very good left-handed reliever.

“(Perez) always had a very good sinking fastball, with power to it, but he has shown a very good breaking ball, good slider against left-handers and you look at the overall numbers against lefties, I don’t think he has walked a lefty and yet he has struck out 21 or 22 lefties he has faced here in Toronto. We have depth in that spot between he and Rzep.”

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