Jays making a run at Wandy?

The Blue Jays have reportedly made a late push to acquire Wandy Rodriguez. Multiple online reports are suggesting general manager Alex Anthopoulos is in hot pursuit of the Astros left hander but it wasn’t immediately clear whether a deal was close to being completed.

Rodriguez is owed a total of $23 million in 2012-13. He also has a club option worth $13 million in 2014 that becomes a player option if he is traded. Toronto has the financial flexibility to take on that kind of salary but it’s not known whether they would be willing to commit that to a 32-year-old pitcher who has gone 7-7 with a 3.47 ERA in the National League Central this season.

My bet is the Blue Jays would be very hesitant to commit that kind of money to Rodriguez if they also had to part with top prospects in the deal. It’s highly unlikely Rodriguez would walk away from from the $13 million he’s be set to earn at age 35 in 2014, which means he still owed more than $36 million on his contract.

It’s possible a deal gets done but with Anthopoulos calling GMs all over the league I wouldn’t read too much into this unless more details leak out in the next half an hour or so.

Update 3:45 ET — Astros are reportedly done dealing so it doesn’t look like Rodriguez is going anywhere. Blue Jays appear to be content with their current roster but still 15 minutes to go before deadline. Don’t anticipate anything happening but you never know.

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