Quick update on the blog with some leftovers from today’s pre-game scrum with Blue Jays manager John Farrell and an interview with rookie outfielder Eric Thames.

On the main site you will find today’s notebook with items on Farrell’s drastic linep changes for the matinee affair against Los Angeles. You’ll also find an item on Thames’ recent resurgence at the plate and the club’s improved depth on the bench. I’ll post the link here once it goes live.

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John Farrell:

On Adam Lind’s struggles at the plate…

“Prior to last night, the two games prior he started to swing the bat more like his normal self. He was staying behind the baseball, driving it to both parts of the field and did have a couple of balls that he turned on. The fact that he has had some performance against Weaver as well that’s why he’s in the lineup today.”

On Thames improved look in the batter’s box…

“We’ve had a couple of conversations over the last couple of days just to allow the game to come to him. Not to always look to force the issue or to try to do more than what oppositions are doing to him.

“They’ve elevated some fastballs on him that he has chased and again it gets back to understanding where your strengths are and having the wherewithall to take a pitch and not to think you have to swing at everything that crosses home plate.”

On teams throwing more high fastballs to Thames…

“I think we’ve seen it gravitate to that over the past two, two and a half weeks. When he addresses the ball down in the strike zone that’s when he is at his best.”

Eric Thames:

What have you been working on…

“Just pretty much to relax. I mean these guys are the best pitchers in the world and I’m used to my life before, getting in a rough patch here. But down in (Triple-A) it’s just like a few games, okay get out of it and get back to it. But here, everybody exposes you, so much video and it’s a lot more outside things affecting you.

“All the work with (hitting coach Dwayne) Murphy has just been to relax, get the pitch I want and don’t try to do too much. I was talking to him (on Thursday) after my base hit and I told him I’m not thinking home run anymore, I’m not trying to hit an eight-run homer. I’m just going to try and hit line drives and if it happens, it happens.”

On how opposing teams are pitching him differently…

“I’ve been trying to hit too many home runs and chase that one up and hit it out. Just been chasing too many of those and now teams are trying to attack me there and I’m working on getting my sights down a little bit. That’s the way it is, baseball is a cat and mouse game.”

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