Reaction from Toronto’s win over KC…

Quick hits from tonight’s Blue Jays game…

Darin Mastroianni:

On walking into the clubhouse and seeing his name on the lineup card…

“That was wild — I really wasn’t expecting that. To go in there, and see my name in there, was a great feeling and I’m just trying to enjoy it right now. It’s a pretty cool experience so far.”

On how his experience with the team in Spring Training will help…

“When you’re not meeting guys for the first time and all the older guys, you’ve got Jose Bautista and all these guys who come up to you and say, hey, welcome, congratulations, because they know you and they’ve met you. It  makes it a lot easier to walk into the clubhouse.”

Being familiar with the young Blue Jays roster…

“To have so many guys that I’ve played with, not only this year but throughout the four years I’ve been with the Blue Jays,  it makes the transition coming here a lot of easier. You know guys, you have guys you can bounce stuff off of, it just makes things a little bit more comfortable.”

How his year has gone to date…

“It has been an interesting year. It has a lot different than I expected. I didn’t expect to struggle as much as I did offensively earlier in the season. There were some flaws in my swing that hopefully we’ve found and corrected and I’ve swung the bat much better of late.”

John Farrell:

On Mastroianni’s role…

“Given where we are, we need a center fielder. That’s where we are right now. How long this goes is reliant on the time needed for Colby. We fully anticipate Kelly to be in the lineup tomorrow so that gives Mac the flexibility to go back to center field.

“Those are the moves that are pending and the roster as it stands, particularly, when we look at tomorrow and beyond.”

Could Mastroianni’s time with the big league club be an extended one…

“There’s a chance he stays for awhile, yeah, and I think Darin is understanding that this has the potential to be a short term situation as well. We’ve just to get through these next couple of days, one with Kelly arriving, and two, the time needed for Colby.”

Status on Rasmus…

“He has two-three days of rest, no activity. Certainly he’ll swing off a tee and get into BP, provided there’s no lingering effects we’ll move forward at that point. But he’s in need of two-three days of no activity.”

On Brandon Morrow…

“When you think about where Brandon’s been, and where he’s come from in two years time, I think there has been huge strides forward and yet with as much talent as he has there is still a lot of room for improvement, which I think is an extremely exciting scenario.”

On disappointing outing on Tuesday night…

“We had a conversation earlier today where he has experienced some of the extremes. Dominant performances, and yet, whether it’s the game against Cleveland in here earlier, whether it was in Baltimore where there’s that one inning that seems like it can rear its head on him.

“That’s a matter of recognizing the situation, taking a step off the mound and re-centering yourself and not think of just sheer velocity, or sheer stuff, to get someone out. Sometimes it’s better to go less than more.

“Everyone in the league knows he has a powerful arm. He has a fastball-slider combination that is as good as any. But the use of his offspeed pitches, or pitches at times, to disrupt timing, I think becomes more important when he goes through the league another year and when he goes through a lineup three times in a given night.”

Ricky Romero:

On Lawrie…

 “He’s unbelievable, just the way he hustles is what we love to see. He runs everything out, no matter if it’s a ground ball to third base.

On his club’s improved offense…

“I’m not worried about it when I go down two runs. It’s part of the game, you can’t go out there and throw shutouts every time. Our offence is good enough to put up runs and I know if I keep them in the game, they’re going to do everything possible.

On where he struggled against Kansas City…

“I didn’t do a good job of putting the lefties away and I think that’s where I’ve been successful this whole year in taking those left-handers out of the lineup and being able to pitch inside and pitch to them. I think today I had a few walks, hit one of them, it just wasn’t a good night for me to pitch against lefties.

Brett Lawrie:

“It’s just one of those things when I come up to the plate I get put in situations and sometimes you’re going to succeed and sometimes you’re not. I was fortunate enough to contribute tonight for this win and it was good.

On Escobar being hit by a pitch from Luke Hochevar…

“It obviously fired us up. It’s one of those things, that something so little like that can get the team going and right after that we picked it up, kind of got on a roll, and it was good.

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