Morrow finishes on a high…

Brandon Morrow finished the year on a strong note with his third consecutive quality start. The final three outings saw an improved curveball, the introduction of a cutter and an aggressive approach on the mound that resulted in the dramatic turnaround.

The 27-year-old now goes into the off-season with a positive outlook following a season in which he suffered through plenty of ups and downs. Morrow believes he has figured something out and he also managed to throw a career high number of innings while also becoming the fourth pitcher in Blue Jays history to record at least 200 strikeouts in a season.

Here’s what he had to say following Toronto’s 3-2 victory:

Brandon Morrow:

On final three starts…

“I kept talking about finishing strong and I think I did just that. Over the last three outings getting two wins and three quality starts to finish the year. I feel pretty good about it.”

On becoming fourth Blue Jays’ pitcher to reach 200-strikeout plateau…

“It’s something I was looking to, especially this last game. I knew I needed four and I think that led to some of the walks early in the game but I settled myself down and ended up getting it and a few more. It was a good day.”

Different atmosphere in the clubhouse this year?

“I think so. We’re definitely on an upward swing as far as our play and the quality of the games we’re playing, and the mood in the clubhouse, everybody is really moving in the right direction.”

How important were those final three starts…

“Quite a bit. If I would have finished on that last run of poor games it definitely doesn’t help you any. But coming back and throwing three really good games I can watch those and know what I was doing to be successful.”

Proving something to the organization?

“I think I need to prove something to myself and prove something to those guys that I could finish strong and that I could get out of that funk and get back to pitching good games.”

On new aggressive approach being key…

“I think so. Just the memory of it and the aggressiveness with all of my pitches. It’s not necessarily throwing as hard as you can every pitch but being aggressive with that curveball and I think that was the big difference maker the last three starts. The way J.P. was calling it, the way we threw the curveball and was getting that over. It just makes everything else better.”

Going to stick with the cutter?

“Yeah, definitely. I gave up the home run on the cutter today but that may have just taken a touch off to throw a strike like I talked about before and I was a little mad at myself for that. You make one mistake but you put your foot back on the gas and finish strong. ”


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