Rookie season almost done

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their continued support during my rookie season on the beat. I hope everyone enjoyed my first-year coverage on the main website, on Twitter and here on the blog. It was a great learning experience and I appreciate the feedback I received through the comments on the main site and for those who took the time to email me this year.

It’s hard to believe the regular-season has come to an end already. Don’t worry, though, there will still be plenty of Blue Jays coverage coming in the following days, weeks and months leading up to next year’s Spring Training. On the main site in the next day or so you will find my Season in Review and also an Outlook for the 2012 Campaign.

I’m actually being traded to the Rays or Red Sox to help out with the playoff coverage for the upcoming Division Series depending on which team makes the playoffs. After that’s over I’ll start getting into plenty of features on the Blue Jays website to hold everyone over until Alex Anthopoulos starts making moves in the offseason.

Even without any games it’s likely to be a busy offseason for the club and we’ll have you covered every step of the way. A quick reminder, you can follow me on Twitter @gregorMLB and make sure to check back often.

Thanks… and keep reading!


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Great work! Wouldn’t have even known it was your first year.

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