C.J. Wilson talks Twitter

C.J. Wilson gets the call in Game 1 of the ALDS for Texas in what should prove to be an intriguing matchup between two teams that play an exciting brand of baseball. This is my first time covering Wilson but I’ve followed him on Twitter for quote some time.

Over the year he has proven to be one of the more colourful and interesting players in the game. Since the Blue Jays organization has more players on Twitter than any other team in the Major Leagues I thought this segment from Wilson’s press conference today would be of particular importance to Toronto fans — especially the ones who follow the likes of Ricky Romero, Brett Lawrie, J.P. Arencibia, and Jose Bautista on the social networking site.

A reporter asked about Wilson’s interests off the field and the possible distractions that might cause and here’s what he had to say. Also don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter @gregorMLB

Q.  You mentioned your interests off the field, and I know a lot of athletes more and more are getting involved in Twitter, and you are very active in that respect.  How much is that an outlet for you with fans or does that get your mind off things?

It doesn’t get my mind off stuff.  If anything, it gets my mind on stuff.  It is a news feed.  Like I don’t really watch a lot of TV, other than I watch Formula One racing, I watch Shark Week, and other than that    I may watch basketball.  Now that Lost is over, I have nothing to watch on TV.

I don’t really follow what’s going on unless I get it through Twitter.  I feel like I’m really busy all the time, and Twitter enables me to stay engaged with what is going on everywhere.  Yesterday with the baseball stuff going on, I was able to see like, oh, who is starting today, all that stuff, what’s the score.  I was getting updates through the guys that tweet about that stuff.

But more than anything it’s helped me thicken my skin a lot.  You have a lot of people on there that are like    you are accessible as a player.  If they want to drop harsh language on you or express a distaste for your team or your city step your left handedness or blue glove or whatever, they’re going to do it and you have to sit there and take it and find a way to be positive about it.

So I think the biggest thing is it’s sort of a maturity thing where you try not to overly engage the negative fans, because there’s a very big trap with that.  Like I am a relatively G rated personality off the field, so there’s like only so much I can say, you know.  Like I told a guy to wash his mouth out with soap yesterday, and I was very proud of myself for limiting it to that, because obviously if he was in the tunnel down here, I would say something completely different.

You have to maintain the professionalism, and that is the biggest challenge I think you see with all the other sports as well.  Like Herm Edwards has a thing.  He’s like, Re read that three times before you send it.  And I know some people do need that.  I’ve been doing social media stuff for eight years now, so it is kind of old hat.

But I think Twitter is fun.  But for me it is mostly a promotional tool for my charity and for my off the field interests, whether it is my racing team or my friends, D.J.s or whatever, all that stuff.



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Sorry this isn’t related to your post…but any truth to these rumors of Toronto going after Fielder?? That would be HUGE!!! Thoughts of Fielder/Bautista conjure up thoughts of Bell/Barfield! I hope we spend some money this off-season, we have built a strong core of young talent, now grab some headline making names and we finally turn that corner.

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