Anthopoulos on Rule 5 Draft

The annual Rule 5 Draft will take place on Thursday morning at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. It’s the final event before the Winter Meetings officially come to an end but the Blue Jays are going to have to do some roster shuffling if they want to become involved.

Toronto currently does not have any openings on its 40-man roster to select any players. The club didn’t select anyone last year and it’s very possible a similar approach will be taken again but a spot on the roster will need to be opened up on Wednesday night if that plan changes,

“We may create a spot,” Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos said. “There is a very select group of guys that we would consider in the Rule 5. We’re trying to determine if we think they’ll get to us. If there’s a strong possibility that they won’t we won’t create a spot. If we think there’s a chance we may create a spot.”

Anthopoulos also ruled out taking a player that could potentially make the 25-man roster but not have a major impact down the road. For example, if he selects a reliever it’s because Anthopoulos thinks he has a chance to be a set-up man and not just someone who can fill out the seventh spot in the bullpen.

“For me, I know there have been a lot of very successful Rule 5 picks but I’m more of a ceiling guy when it comes to the Rule 5,” Anthopoulos said. “Some teams look at it like, let’s just get someone who can be on the big league roster, and there’s some value to that, I’d rather be aggressive and go ceiling, swing for the fences for the pick if we can.”

A player selected in the Rule 5 Draft must remain on his new club’s 25-man roster for the entire season or be offered back to his original team. 

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Do you know of any avalible players that the Jays might be interested in in the draft?

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