Farrell on the Blue Jays offence

Have to make this one quick because tonight’s game is entering its later stages… but here are some comments from manager John Farrell regarding his thoughts on the Blue Jays’ offence.

John Farrell:

Offence starting to click…

“We’re not all the way there yet. Whether we will be nightly during the course of the season remains to be seen. Guys are going to ebb and flow but fortunately we have enough guys in our lineup that if someone certain slots is not up to par we’ve got other guys that can drive the ball out of the ballpark or drive in runs in key spots. We like our team. We like our offense and yet we’ve still got some areas of improvement.”

Club seems to be more aggressive at the plate since team meeting following the Baltimore series. Coincidence?

“We talked about staying with our strengths. They were more reminders, not so much a specific message. Some of the things we talked about in Spring Training, we dealt with some frustration during those three-games in Baltimore. We acknowledged those in Spring Training and how do we deal with those? How we remain aware of them, not let those frustrations take us out of our game?

“If there’s a guy that’s not performing to his ability, we don’t want other guys to think they have to do more to make up for someone else. I think that’s what we fell into a little bit during the Baltimore series and I thought we did a better job of just executing the game situations in the two series that followed.”

Edwin in the fifth spot…

“You can look at the numbers and his performance in the five hole is substantial. Maybe there are times when guys take on a different mindset because of the spot they are at in the lineup. But I still like  a left-hander between he and Jose. We’ve got a couple of options that we can go with in that alignment, it’s Adam for right now and fortunately Edwin has come up in some key spots with men on base. A year ago, where there was talk he’s missing some RBI opportunities well he has cashed in on just about every one this year.”

Pujols… are you concerned that he might be due for a big series?

“We still have to pitch to strengths. We have scouting reports about what guys are currently doing. We’ll factor that it but to be fearful of tonight’s the night, we can’t pitch like that.

“He’s had 10 years of pretty good production. It’s going to happen sooner or later.”

Johnson/Escobar flipping spots in the batting order..

“At the end of that five days (in Spring Training), it looked really good. I didn’t want to just completely turn my back on what Yunel did a year ago. But it was something that showed a lot of promise and felt like at least in Spring Training we made both guys aware that we may look to do this if the need arose. When you break it down, the styles of both guys, Yunel is more of a prototypical two-hole hitter because of his bat control.

Added level of comfort because you’ve had them hit in those spots during Spring Training?

“I think there was more comfort on everyone’s part, mine included, but most importantly theirs. When we did it in Spring Training, both guys were like, you know what we’ve hit at the top of the order, so whatever. They were both good with it.”

Yunel’s ability to go the opposite way with a runner on first…

“He has the ability to shoot that hole, yes. But to say he is going to go up and solely look to do that, you’re still going to have to hit pitches where they’re pitched, or located. Last year, to get the most out of Corey Patterson who is a dead-pull hitter, with nobody on first base he’s hitting it right at the first baseman so it was a more logical move. Kelly’s not a dead-pull hitter, but he gets on base so this alignment gives us some flexibility to do some of the smaller things.”

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