Delabar talks about the deal

In another deal on Monday night, the Blue Jays added right-hander Steve Delabar for Eric Thames. Here’s what Delabar had to say about going from the home team clubhouse at Safeco Field to the visitor’s one:

“I walked in and we were about to celebrate Iwakuma’s game and Luetge’s first save and I got pulled aside and was told I was heading over to the other clubhouse.

“I haven’t spoken to anyone yet.

“The Blue Jays have a pretty good team, they swing it, have a lot of power hitters in their lineup, and that’s about all I know right now. I guess I’m supposed to go over there and help them out.

“Last year, moving through all the levels, you’ve got to meet new guys and form relationships and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be the same situation over there, get in, get to learn everybody and the way they work and feed into the same thing they do.

“Fastball, splitter and slider, just try to go right after guys and attack them.

Style? “I’m just looking to pound the zone and hopefully things will work out on my side.

Emotions for team that gave him his break? “I thanked them for what they let me do and giving me the opportunity to get up here. Emotions right now, I’m really up in the air, I don’t know what kind of role I’m going to have or what it’s going to be over there. I just know it’s going to be out of the bullpen.

Like Ichiro, walk across? “There’s a lot of stir recently about things happening, so you’re kind of on your toes and you know this might be a possibility. You take it in stride and go with it.

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