Bautista suffers another setback

Another day, another injury for the Blue Jays. Saturday night was supposed to be all about the return of No. 1 starter Brandon Morrow but instead the focus is on a potential season-ending injury to Jose Bautista, who can’t seem to shake the discomfort in his left wrist. On the main site, you’ll find an article with full details on the resurfacing of Bautista’s sore wrist, plus an item on David Cooper going on the DL because of lingering discomfort in his lower back.

In addition, check below for a transcript of Bautista’s post-game comments to the media plus reaction from manager John Farrell. Don’t forget, you can follow me on Twitter @gregorMLB

Jose Bautista:

Feel like you just have to put your hands up in the air and wonder what else can go wrong?

“I wouldn’t put it in those words, yet. I just felt a little discomfort and a little soreness. I think it’s better to just let it calm down for a couple of days and see how it goes. Obviously no sense in pushing it when you’re coming back from an injury and you feel like it might go the other way, you have to put a stop to it and see what happens after you hear from the doctors and their recommendations.”

Is this mystifying to you that the pain has come back so quickly?

“I’ve been playing and I’ve been fine that’s why it’s a little bit bizarre to me. Maybe just one of those swings I took today, might have put the hand in the same position that I got hurt before, or something, I don’t know. It’s hard to replicate two swings. I don’t think it’s possible for me to play five or six games like I did and felt fine and then just have one swing that replicated the other one. I felt some discomfort, I hope it’s that, and I hope it will be calmed down in a couple of days and I can get back into it.”

When did it happen?

“One of those swings in the first at-bat, I started feeling something. I don’t think it was worth going up there the next at-bat and trying to have another full swing and not know how I felt afterwards. I think I did the proper thing in letting them know I wasn’t feeling perfectly fine like I was earlier. I guess some people with this injury have been reported to have some regression before they feel better. Doctors said it’s nothing to panic about, so I just have to see him and move on.”

Are you getting it checked out in Baltimore or elsewhere?

“I’m going to Cleveland tomorrow.”

But you’ll be out for at least 15 days because you’re going on the DL…

“I was not aware of that … I was not aware that I was on the DL yet but maybe the doctor also made some recommendations to (trainer) George (Poulis) as to how long it would take me to rest again and given that how many days I need to get back into swinging and all of that. Maybe that’s being taken under consideration too.”

Pain not as bad as it was in New York though?

“It was nowhere near what I felt the first day.”

John Farrell:

On Bautista…

“He felt some irritation in the same area that he’s been out with for a number of games after that first at-bat today. Precautionary, we took him out. He’ll get re-evaluated and checked by the hand specialist tomorrow but in the meantime we’ve obviously had to put him on the disabled list to make a move.”

Did he come back too soon?

“We wouldn’t have activated him if he hadn’t gone through the progression to date. Unfortunately in that at-bat, he felt some irritation, I don’t want to say it was instability, but the inflammation arose and given what he means to us, and not just for the current time but long-term, it’s precautionary we got him out of there.”

Did it happen on the long foul ball down the left field line?

“He didn’t indicate that it was any one particular swing. It’s more of an overall feeling that after the at-bat, somewhat fatigue and some irritation in the area, any time you’re coming back from an injury there’s going to be some strength, ebbs and flows that he’ll go through and he’s in that situation right now. So, we didn’t feel like it was worth any risk to continue on.”

Same area as before though?

“It’s still in the same area that he first felt it in New York. But through the progression of hitting, through the at-bats he took in simulated situations in Dunedin, the games he played with Florida and New Hampshire, he never felt it to the extent, or at all, but certainly not to where he had to come out of tonight’s game.”


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