Lind to make his return

Adam  Lind on being back with the Blue Jays a little earlier than previously anticipated:

On how his rehab stint went…

“It’s nice when you don’t have scouting reports and things like that and people play where they’re supposed to play (no shift). It really gives you more opportunities to get hits but that’s how it is in the big leagues. Beyond that, I felt good all three days when I was down there.”

Homering in final game provide a little boost of confidence before return?

“I felt comfortable and I think that’s what rehab stints are about. I accomplished that and hopefully these guys don’t disrupt that comfort.”

Did you expect coming back this quickly?

“They had discussed four or five different plans I was going to do, none of which were three games. But they showed me some schedules of six games with days off mixed in. I’m happy to be back and help this team out, it really doesn’t do much down there to just play. At least come up here and help us turn things around.”

How do you feel after playing first base last night?

“I feel good right now. I’m a little sore. I think that’s to be expected having not played really since I was in Las Vegas, I haven’t played too much in the field. But I felt good to be out there sweating all game and to be out there with the boys.”

Are you going to have to monitor the back injury for the rest of the season?

“Yeah. It will probably be there the rest of my life. So, I just have to maintain it, do all the exercises I’m supposed to do and I think it will be tolerable.

“When I did it last year, they said those things never actually heal. You can only strengthen the muscles around it to protect it. So that’s what I’ve been doing the last year and a half and sometimes things like this happen.”

Different spot than last year?

“This was in a different spot. The doctor wasn’t even in town when I went on the DL so I had to wait a week to get an appointment. He just gave me some prescriptions and gave me the exercises and said hopefully I don’t see you.”

On being back…

“It’s great to be back here. We have a lot of good guys in the system but it’s nice to be back the people you really know, the guys you’ve been with for years. It’s nice to have purpose and be back here in the big leagues trying to win as many games as we can and keep as many teams out of the playoffs as we can right now.”

When you first went down… did you think it would take this long to get back?

“I was kind of all over the map. There were times, the day it happened I thought I was going to be done for awhile and then the progress I had from Day 1 to Day 2 was quite a large difference. By the time I got to Florida and started swinging, I was like man, I don’t know if I’ll even be back. It got better, did everything I was supposed to do and we’re good enough now to play in the big leagues.”

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Sounds like all 3 first basemen are having back problems that get aggravated by holding runners on. So an obvious solution (being pretty sarcastic here) would be to get your pitching staff to stop letting so many runners on, so the first basemen don’t have to be in that position for prolonged periods of time. So my serious question (not being sarcastic) is when are the the Jays or AA going to do some serious negotiating for some big name, proven, starters. They have boasted a great farm system chalked full of pitching prospect, but we’ve seen just about all of them just this year, and none of them were extremely impressive. Until they are ready, we need another big arm, like Morrow (an inning eater) and Romero (when he is not slumping). Don’t you think this would get us to the post season finally, not to mention relieve some back pain from our first basemen?

Is there any plans to go get a premier starter this off season, and who is available?

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