Lind speaks out about last year’s coaching staff

There were plenty of clues last season that 1B/DH Adam Lind and manager John Farrell never really saw eye-to-eye. There were some mild complaints from Lind during Spring Training that he was being told conflicting pieces of advice from various sources. There was also the rare public criticism by Farrell who went on record saying Lind was out of shape after he had been sent to the Minor Leagues in May.

The disagreements became more public during the offseason when Lind made an appearance on the Fan590 radio station in Toronto following Farrell’s departure to Boston. He talked at length about the lack of communication, Farrell’s fondness of the Red Sox even when he was an employee of the Blue Jays, and Farrell’s emphasis on the running game which reached an abrupt end during the final two months of the season.

The comments were taken by some as sour grapes but even if that’s the case there was a lot of truth in what Lind was saying. Several players have echoed similar sentiments off the record but to date Lind has been one of the only Blue Jays’ players not afraid to stand by what he firmly believes were the issues in the clubhouse for the past two seasons.

Lind was back at it again on Saturday afternoon. The comments weren’t intended to be malicious but instead provide somewhat of an understanding for what he has gone through the past couple of years.

Here’s what Lind had to say about the coaching staff from 2012:

“You guys were around the last couple of years and you have a manager telling you one thing, who was a pitcher, it makes it tough because he was from Boston where they were very selective and things like that, coming up through this organization it wasn’t something we preached or taught at the lower levels. That’s what he wanted to see and then to have a hitting coach like Murph, who’s an aggressive type hitting coach, sometimes you get a little confused on who you want to please.

“It was all in good faith and respect, but he would have his things out of me that he would want to see, and he would tell me that. You’d go to the cage and try to do your work or after an at-bat during the game and he would have more advice to give you. It would just get your mind thinking.”

More on the mixed messages and when they became an issue…

“Probably the first half of 2011. I felt really good at the beginning of 2011 and then I just ran out of gas. Then you start hearing all the voices from a bunch of different places, not that that’s an excuse or anything, but you hear them and you try to please people, especially a manager, because that’s who puts your name in the lineup cards, so you kind of want to do what he wants.

“At the end of the day it came down to me. I was the one given the opportunity to play. It’s on me, it’s not on the manager, that’s in the past and now we’re going to go forward with a very good lineup that we have this year.”

On the backlash he received from fans last season…

“I’d see my numbers and know what they’re thinking. I’ve been at bars during football games and things like that and have probably done it myself.”

On the difference of this year’s staff…

“This year the coaches will be given the freedom to do whatever they want. They have the trust of Gibby so he can just manage and sometimes the type of personalities we had on our staff last year, they micromanaged a lot and sometimes that can affect the way we play and the way we coach. This year the coaches have been given the opportunity to have free rein and do what they need to do for us to win games.”

More on the differences…

“I know with the staff that we have now everyone is confident in what they can do. They’ll be allowed to do their job the way it should be done. We’re going to work collectively and individually with the coaches.

“It’s going to be a fun experience working with Chad and having Murph in the mix as well.

“It’s a different staff. I think we learned as an organization from our mistakes the two previous seasons. The coaches are going to be free to do their jobs, have free rein to do what they think should be done.”

Any back issues?

“It’s good right now.”

Has the yoga helped?

“I hope (laughs). That’s why I did it. The back doctors suggested I do it. One of the unexpected things about it was that I actually enjoyed it. I mean, the time seemed to go by quickly. I wasn’t exactly looking at the clock for the whole hour and a half of each class.  I didn’t quite get into the spiritual side of it but I’d like to do that, too.”


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My heart was very heavy as Adam and Travis seemed to be under the heavy hands of Coach J.F. I can hardly wait for the games to begin. I am almost 80 years old, but I sure can sense and know when things are being done to players that should not be. Just know that I will be praying for my favorie baseball team – MY BLUE JAYS!!!
Have a wonderful ,fun time playing this year. My sister who is 90 years of age has watched all your games for years. I saw the perfect game that Roger Maris pitched Luv ya team!!! Granny Huff

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