Upcoming pitching schedule

March 5 vs BAL:

J.A. Happ (three innings)
Darren Oliver (one inning)
Brad Lincoln (one inning)
Esmil Rogers (one inning)
Jeremy Jeffress (one inning)
Neil Wagner (one inning)

Extras — Tommy Hottovy, Evan Crawford, Chad Beck, Tyson Brummett, Mickey Storey
Work — Josh Johnson, Claudio Vargas, Justin Germano

March 6 @ DET:

Brandon Morrow (three innings)
Aaron Loup (one inning)
Brett Cecil (one inning)
Ramon Ortiz (one inning)
Dave Bush (one inning)
Tommy Hottovy (one inning)
Michael Schwimer (one inning)

Extras — Evan Crawford, Tyson Brummett, Mickey Storey, Juan Perez
Work — Ricky Romero

March 7 @ BAL:

Mark Buehrle (three innings)
Justin Germano (two innings)
Evan Crawford (one inning)
Claudio Vargas (one inning)
Alex Hinshaw (one inning)
Juan Perez (one inning)
Mickey Storey (one inning)

Extras — Neil Wagner, Tyson Brummett, Chad Beck
Work — J.A. Happ, Brad Lincoln, Darren Oliver, Sergio Santos

March 8 @ ATL:

Josh Johnson (three innings)
Steve Delabar (one inning)
Esmil Rogers (one inning)
Jeremy Jeffress (one inning)
Tyson Brummett (one inning)
Chad Beck (one inning)

Extras — Juan Perez, Neil Wagner, Tommy Hottovy, two Minor Leaguers
Work — Dave Bush, Brett Cecil, Ramon Ortiz

March 9 @ DET:

Ricky Romero (three innings)
Darren Oliver (one inning)
Sergio Santos (one inning)
Aaron Loup (one inning)
Brad Lincoln (one inning)
Michael Schwimer (one inning)
Neil Wagner (one inning)

Extras — Alex Hinshaw, Mickey Storey, Tommy Hottovy, Evan Crawford
Work — Brandon Morrow, Claudio Vargas, Justin Germano


The March 8 pitching lineup only covers 8 innings.

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