Q+A with Travis Snider

On what it has been like with the Pirates so far…

“It has been great. We’ve been working hard and adjusting into the new facility, new city. Been able to see a few of the guys back up in the Dunedin area early on and settling in nicely with the team, the organization and what we’re trying to do each and every day.”

On joining some the Blue Jays players at a Leafs-Lightning game a couple of weeks ago in Tampa… 

“Hockey definitely grew on me the last few years playing in Canada and it was good to see the group of guys, even got to see some of the reporters hanging out by the concession stand. It was just good to see some familiar faces and say what’s up to the boys that were in the suite or up in the box area.”

More on his new experience in Pittsburgh…

“That first time putting on a different color uniform is something you won’t forget. But spending the last couple of months of the season, the offseason, Spring Training, been able to develop some good relationships with not only the players but the coaching staff. The goal here every day is to get better as a whole unit and looking forward to seeing how things play out.”

On similarities between Pirates and Blue Jays over the past few years…

“A lot of great talented players that I had a chance to come up with in Toronto and seeing a lot of these guys who got to come up together in the Minors and now playing together in the big leagues it’s a familiar setting for me. There’s a lot of guys in a similar age bracket with a good mix of veterans, A.J. (Burnett) knowing him, Rod at the end of last year. It made the transition easier knowing some guys and being familiar with the guys’ careers that are around the same age as me and have followed similar paths.”

On going through Spring Training in a similar location in Florida but with a different team…

“Just get your bearings. Try to figure out where the good restaurants are first of all. If I could make any adjustment, it would probably be closer to Sarasota next year because I found some good places to eat down there. Just getting familiar with Pirate city, the first couple of weeks as we would with Toronto, over at the Minor League complex and now transitioning into the big league stadium. We have a great stadium, they’ve made a great addition to the batting cages and hopefully some more to come to. We’re fortunate to have a good facility to work in every single day and a good group of guys to go with it.”

On reflecting and moving past his time in Toronto…

“Really remaining with the focus in the present and learning from those experiences in the past. I’ve spoken numerous times through different articles and it’s really about taking the next step of my career in a new scene, new situation, new group of guys with the same focus and the same mindset I’ve been developing for the past five or six years.

“Really putting each and every day in front of me and making the most of each and every single day that I’m here instead of worrying about what happened four or five years ago or how I could go back and change the past.”

On how the expectations are different between Toronto and now with Pirates…

“Different in the sense that when you don’t come up with this organization, I came up with the Blue Jays, and being a young player, getting to the big leagues and experiencing what I went through, there are different kinds of emotions that you go through as a young man, trying to understand and mature through that process. Coming over here, a lot of that stuff is gone. You just show up to the ballpark every single day, you lace up your spikes, you have a list of things to get done and that’s your focus.

“There were times, as I’ve spoken to before, my focus was outside of things that I can control and things that I could have done better. But as a young man maturing in the game you have to learn by experience. You can be as mature off the field, deal with the things I dealt with in my personal life, but until you go through baseball adversity that’s what molds us into young men and hopefully makes us stay around this game for a long time.”

On no longer having to worry about options remaining on his contract and the possibility of being sent down…

“The option thing is something that every player has to go through at some point of their career. Some guys are fortunate to play well enough in their first couple of years you don’t have to deal with it. As I realized, the No. 1 thing is that you play better you don’t worry about that kind of stuff. To play better you have to focus on each and every day. Not having that situation from a business standpoint but I don’t look at it as an advantage per se. Because as soon as you rest your hat on not having any options left you can be in Triple-A.

“I’ve seen a number of guys, the first one that comes to mind is Edwin Encarnacion. I remember when he got optioned three years ago and you look at what he has been doing, same with Jose. Those guys who have been through that kind of adversity in their careers and now they’re making their strides as Major Leaguers on the big-time scale. You just keep that stuff in perspective and not get caught up in, ‘oh I think I’m going to make the team because I don’t have any options.’ I still have to go out there and play, I have to validate my job in whatever my role is going to be with the team and make sure that I’m doing everything I can to prepare myself.”

On his role in Pittsburgh… 

“I think it’s something with more time will be defined. There’s an opportunity in right field to get some at-bats and play. But it’s something that I have to continue to earn and something for me not worrying so much about who has a job and who doesn’t have a job, who has options and who doesn’t have options, my focus remains on what I control, what I have to do.

“That stuff with play out how it plays out and as long as I’m handling stuff on my end I’ll just go out there and be prepared for whatever role comes my way. In the past, I didn’t deal with those changes whether it was being a platoon guy, batting low in the order, that stuff is so far behind me, whenever you put on a big league uniform you have to embrace whatever role you’re in and go out there and play the game.”

On playing right field… 

“I feel really good. That was a transition beginning last year when I was traded. I played a lot of right field growing up, in the Minor Leagues and even some in the big leagues so that transition from the corner wasn’t a big deal.”

On Gose….

“Gose has an unbelievable ceiling. I’ve seen some unbelievable flashes of his talent and what he can do. Getting at-bats on a regular basis, spending time with him and Chad Mottola and some of the veteran guys we had there last year benefitted all of us. Seeing Anthony mature last year as a young player, he could be in a tough situation going into the season this year but he is a guy that I still touch base with from time to time and share a laugh with and understand that there’s a lot of things in this business that you can’t control. As long as he can keep playing the way he has been playing, I’ve been watching him this spring and always hope for the best with him.”

On Mottola being hired as hitting coach…

“Yes. I think having Chad and Murph there is going to benefit a lot of those guys. Murph has done some great things with a handful of guys there and Chad spent a lot of time with a handful of the younger players so I think the mix between those two, and knowing Chad and Murph for so long, how well they work together I think is going to benefit not only the players but also both coaches because they are great guys, they both have quality stuff that they’re featuring for the players. I’m excited for Chad to see what he has gone through the last couple of years, how successful he has been and seeing him get this opportunity I think is fantastic.”

Question from Dirk Hayhurst…. Travis, obviously the Canadian food is vastly superior. Meat is better, dairy is better, fish, chicken, all of it. Have you felt, since coming back to the States, that you’ve had to elevate your game to overcome the adversity set forth by the FDA?

“Yeah, I don’t know if I would say the adversity has been there. Growing up there on American USDA food, I felt pretty confident in my ability to overcome any adversity in the kitchen or in the restaurant. It’s just something I look forward to keeping putting my time in one day at a time and see what I can do on a grill and in the kitchen.”

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Travis, we are still following your career as much as we can. Sure miss you in the TO lineup but we are so happy that you are happy with the Pirates. You have a beautiful spirit and you will go a long way in you career.. Cheering for you, Travis!! God bless you. Jack and Dorothy Huffman

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