Potential three-team trade negotiations?

There’s already been one report from these Winter Meetings about the Blue Jays being involved in a three-team trade but it was something that actually happened several weeks ago. According to a report by FoxSports from earlier in the week, Toronto was on the verge of trading Sergio Santos to the Rangers as part of a three-way deal but another player involved failed a physical and the negotiations came to an abrupt end.

Perhaps that previous speculation was one of the reasons that three-team trades have become a hot topic lately. But the White Sox, Diamondbacks and Angels completed one Tuesday afternoon and Anthopoulos hasn’t ruled out making a similar type of move in the future. It’s certainly not his preferred way of doing business, though, and here’s why.

Anthopoulos was asked during today’s media scrum “Do you need extra time to bring another team into a potential deal that you have?”

This was his response:

“No, I think there’s definitely some scenarios where we could bring some other teams in. Ideally you always prefer to deal directly with that team, it just gets so much more complicated. There always seems to be a snag. We’ve done three-team deals before but the likelihood of hitting a snag when another team is involved, because there’s multiple players, and sometimes the whole thing gets held up because of one player.

“But there’s a lot of times, if we hit a road block, they’re looking for a certain position, I may say, look we don’t have that but we line up with these four teams. Anything you like that these four teams have? The GM might say, yeah I like these three players can you get one of them? And I might try to go to work.

“I think that one thing we’re pursuing, would most likely look to have a three-team component to it that I think could work. And some other things are just straight deals.”


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