May 2014

Anthopoulos talks finances

*** As always, these questions aren’t necessarily taken word for word from the scrum. It instead provides a general assessment of the topic but the quotes from general manager Alex Anthopoulos are exactly as he said them. The only thing that might be eliminated from this transcript is a little back and forth from the reporter to the GM. ***

Here’s the full transcript of today’s media scrum with Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos as he addressed the club’s current financial situation:

Is there money available from ownership?
“I believe so. We’re not at that point right now. We’ve had a nice nine games but you don’t really even start to engage in trade dialogue until mid-June, after the draft. At that point, what would normally happen is you would talk to other teams about needs, people get dispatched to see affiliates or big- league players. You rekindle talks in July, just before the all-star break and if things move fast and you’re aggressive, maybe get something done just before the break. If not, it carries over after.

“I hope we’re in that position. It’s late May and we need to see how we play in June and we’ll re-evaluate things at the beginning of July. If we’re in a good position then, we’ll know the landscape a little bit more with respect to our needs. I can have that conversation with Paul and Paul will have that conversation with ownership. We need to still be playing well at that time and we’re far away from that.”

Could you take on pro-rated salary at the deadline?
“We have a number that we work with and I always have the ability to have that conversation. We came into the season at the number we expected to be at and as the year goes on, we have needs. Depending on how we’re playing and what’s available, if we have a need come the trade deadline, I have every confidence we’ll have the resources to do that. I have no doubts about that at all.”

Gammons report on payroll being “maxed out”…
“We’re at a number to start the year. I think that’s fair. I don’t think it varies from anything we’ve ever said. It’s always fluid. even when we did the deals last year, we were supposed to be in an area and then something came up.

“Nothing at this time has come up. We are having no dialogue whatsoever. If there is any (rumours) out there that we’re engaged with players, we’re not having any active talks at all. We’re really immersed in the draft right now. I expect that when that draft is over, the Monday after, that’s when everyone is going to start making their calls again.”

Lot of changes at Rogers; anything to do with ballclub?
“Guy Lawrence came to a game on the weekend. The directiove and mandate was ‘Keep winning.’ I got a slap on the shoulder and he left. Seems pretty straight-forward to me.”

You said you’re not engaged in anything right now but how much ear-to-the-ground stuff are you doing to avoid another team getting the jump on you…
“I don’t know. Not any more so than any other time. In terms of getting the jump, you just can’t do anything about it. If you want to get the jump on someone I guess you could be aggressive and do things but you can’t prevent what other teams are doing. I will say this, though, this is the time of year where a lot of gamesmanship goes on, there’s a lot of false reports out there for various reasons and some of them are pretty obvious. Just like anything else, I know I do this every offseason, if there’s anything out there about us being engaged, we have nothing at all going on.”

You’ve previously said Rogers has never said no to you before. Has that changed? (ex-Santana, etc)
“No, no. Like I said, we have areas we stay in. There are certain things that make sense and there are some things that if you really don’t think is going to move the needle that much, and look, I never specifically addressed the Santana scenario but the only thing that I can say about that is, people make it like we were getting Santana for free. Money was going to be spent on Santana. How that payment was going to be structured, when it was going to come out, but money was coming out of the bank account of the Toronto Blue Jays. That money was being spent and it was an add. So, how things are structured, just like we’ve done certain contracts, or how the Marlins did their contracts.

“I think people lose sight of the fact that we were still adding payroll at that point and we had the go ahead. There may be reasons to
structure things certain ways and obviously some of those things are internal. We’ve been able to add payroll, we may need to be creative, we may need to do some things but we’ve been able to add payroll when needed.”

On whether he’s content with starting depth outside of the current five…
“I would hope so. You’re always hoping. Sanchez pitched today and gave up some runs but you’re looking for other things. I think he got 12-1 groundball to fly. He went six innings but gave up six runs. You’re hoping for him it clicks at some point. Obviously a guy like Stroman we’re very high on and we think he can certainly factor in for us and I think the next time he is here he’ll be that much better having already gone through it. And look, you see it with the guys like the Pillars, the Goses, you want to get those firsts
out of the way for the young kids.

“And Morrow, I think Morrow is a wild card as well. We expect him back around the All-Star Break, we’ll have more of a report by the end of June. If he’s going to be around the All-Star Break, by late June he should be going out on a rehab assignment. I think it can
actually time well because, again, I remember the deals we’ve done before the trade deadline, we did the Yunel Escobar deal and that was early, that was being really aggressive, most times, even the Colby Rasmus deal I think was right after the (All-Star Break) we had a lot of dialogue before. By that time, we’ll know that much more. There may be other needs on this team, maybe we didn’t perform well in June and that changes things. Morrow’s recovery, the development of guys like Stroman, Sean Nolin should be back from a groin (injury), what if he starts to click and things like that. We’re a long ways, so much can change in the next six weeks or eight weeks really.”

On performance of current rotation…
“Obviously they’ve performed well. I haven’t looked at the stats but I think I read or heard that all five starters have ERAs below four right now so does that continue? Who knows but for the most part, I was telling somebody today and I said this last year, I know I sounded like a broken record, we were 14th in starter ERA and the won-loss reflected it. I think we’re fifth in the American League and we’re performing well and if you look at it, I think the top five in the AL last year, four of those teams were playoff teams or won the division and so on. There’s a correlation, there’s no doubt about it, and for us it’s going to be key. I know the offence has been great, we’re hitting home runs and it’s been fun to watch but we will go as far as our rotation takes us, there’s no doubt about that.”

The payroll range that you previously mentioned, does that include the draft?
“No, No. Those are separate. Big-league payroll is totally separate than other areas, they’re not linked. You have a total baseball operations budget but payroll is payroll, draft is draft, development is development and all that kind of stuff.”

On whether there’s a scenario he’d try to save money in the draft and use it on additions for the 25-man roster….
“I think the draft is something that’s always very important to us. It’s something that you can never neglect. It’s just so key, it’s so important especially with where some of the salaries have been going, free agency and things like that. The draft is always going to be extremely important for us.”

So is this year any different then? From the previous ones you’ve had?
“No, it’s the same. We have two picks in the first round so that can impact things. But it all depends on what’s out there in the draft as well, what the opportunities are and things like that. We’ll see how it goes. I love the draft, I always get excited for it. It’s a fun week for us and I expect everything to be the same.”

Spending decrease in draft year-over-year of late…
“Number one, we didn’t sign the 10th pick. I think it was around a $3-million slot or right around there, $2.9, so right there you’re at the number. Part of it is where you sit. Did we have sandwich picks? Did we not have sandwich picks? Things like that. I do think with the changes to the draft, the CBA, the way bonuses are capped, the slotting, that can impact some things. I find some players, we would have loved to have sign some players that just were unwilling to sign. They wanted to go to school and you do have some limits if you don’t want to be penalized or go over slot.

“The dynamic has changed since the first year or two that we did it just because the rules are in place. We’re not going to spend for the sake of spending. The other thing is slotting has lowered some of the total dollars spent. After the 10th round, $100-thousand is now the max. The structure itself has impacted what teams are spending. I would say, as a whole, we’re probably spending less.”

If guys are unwilling to sign wouldn’t you get a sense of that beforehand?
“You do, but you know what, there’s so much gamesmanship. They’re not willing to sign, and then you do more work and if it’s the right number they are willing to sign. I remember last year there were two guys we would’ve loved to have had and they just really wanted to go to school. Their parents really wanted them to go to school. We loved the talent and we thought, round two, round three, they could be a factor for us. There was no dollar amount, they just really wanted to go to school.

“There’s times where kids say that, as you get close to the draft, all of a sudden things change. It could be for various reasons. Just because you might hear on May 15 someone wants to go to school, you don’t quit on it until really it comes time to draft. You’d be amazed too, the numbers that people throw out Day 1, their expectations and so on, that day comes, they sleep on it, reality starts to set in – ‘Oh, I didn’t get picked,’ or day two, you expected to go in the top three rounds, you didn’t get picked – now your bonus demands totally change. You wanted to go to school may have been a negotiating component, and then, ‘I want to play, I want to sign,’ and your tune changes. So you really can’t quit on keeping in contact and having information. That’s why your scouts are so important.”

Prioritize differently in higher rounds, college over HS, because of signing likelihood?
“Each year we try to get better. We tweaked some things from a philosophy standpoint. I wouldn’t necessarily divulge that specifically, but I do think we try to make adjustments from year to year. You hope you get better and you refine your process. I’m big on going back and looking at where we made mistakes and why. I am adamantly against the, ‘it happens, no big deal.’ Let’s take something from it and let’s see why we made a mistake and what can we change in our process. It’s a constant search to try to get it right.
That’s what’s so much fun about scouting.”

Would you draft someone you’ve drafted before?
“Sure, as long as that player signed the re-consent card. Tyler (Beede) signed it. If he’s there for us, and we have him lined up accordingly, we wouldn’t have a problem at all.”

State of the franchise with Anthopoulos

Here’s the full transcript of today’s media scrum with Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos:

Any thought of moving Lawrie to 2B on a full-time basis to open a spot in the lineup for Juan Francisco?
“He’s a third baseman. We did talk, just the fact of just interleague. Francisco’s done well for us in a short period and it’s just like Gibby talked about, wanted to keep his bat in the lineup. He’s the one who brought it up to me and I said, hey, it made sense, want to keep his bat in the lineup.”

“There hasn’t been any talk of full time like that at all. No, it’s strictly for right now. We know he can do it, I know he had a two or a three -game stint last year but Brett’s athletic enough you could put him anywhere on the field, I really believe that. I do believe that if you gave him enough time at any position and you gave him enough reps he could be a gold glove defender anywhere.”

“When we first got him and I saw him take ground balls at third base for the first time at Rogers Centre, it wasn’t pretty. To see what he’s become today is incredible and I just give him all the credit in the world and obviously all the guys who’ve worked with him.”