Anthopoulos address lack of activity at deadline

Here is a partial transcript of today’s conference call with Alex Anthopoulos. There is plenty more to come but I have some more work to do in the clubhouse. Will finish this before tonight’s game vs the Astros.


On the deadline…
“It’s been similar every year. It’s not like today was the only day that we were talking to teams. It’s just a continuation. Obviously it comes to an end at four, without having to expose players to waivers. Really, it has been steady, maybe a little more intense the last day. But really, the last few days, you’re on the phone a lot, back and forth, proposals, counteroffers, ideas, things like that. So very similar to years past. Obviously, now with the deadline having passed, the dynamic changes with having to put guys through trade waivers and we’ll see how that develops.”

Disappointing on not getting a deal done especially considering rivals added pieces…
“You’re always trying to get better. We weren’t going to do deals we didn’t think were going to make us better. Ultimately, if the deals had been there for us, we would have done them. But we didn’t line up on any deals that we thought were going to improve the clubs.”

Part of issue Stroman/Sanchez and other clubs wanting them…
“I’d never talk about specific guys on our team, in fairness to them. I think it’s very far to say, and rightfully so, a lot of our best players, young and established, on our 25-man roster were asked about. To talk about those guys, you’d fill in one hole and create a new hole. That’s where you have to make a decision, are you actually better as a club?

“We were open minded, you definitely want to hear what other clubs have to say and what ideas they might have to say, but when you start to look at your 25-man, and you’re trading some of your best players, to address an area of what might be a weakness, or a need, and you’re ultimately creating another weakness, create a hole, it wouldn’t make any sense for us. We definitely talked to clubs and had dialogue and all that, just didn’t find anything that made the club better.”

Payroll parameters play a role in not being able to make a move…
“Not at all. Definitely just didn’t come out to lining up on value. I know a lot has been made about payroll and things like that, I can’t stress this enough, especially going through the trade deadline. Our payroll is the highest it has ever been in the history of the organization. It has gone up last year, I believe over 12 percent at this point.

“We absolutely had the financial resources to add at this trade deadline. If we had a deal, obviously we were in dialogue with Paul all the time and certainly he’s keeping ownership up to date, any deal that we felt was a good baseball deal, the finances were certainly there for us. That has never been a problem and it was just one of those things that we couldn’t find a baseball deal that made sense for us and that’s really what it came down to.”

Bautista said an add would be like getting a vitamin B-12 deal, Janssen said he hoped a deal would get made, are you concerned that your veteran players may misinterpret the lack of activity…
“First thing, I don’t even know exactly what a vitamin B-12 shot is, so I don’t think I ever would have said anything about B-12s or shots. (editor’s note — He obviously misheard the question) Generally speaking, getting Encarnacion and Lind back, do I think they’re really going to improve our club? Sure. In terms of players wanting to improve the club, I expect that, we want to improve the club, I wouldn’t expect anything less. We have a great group of guys in that clubhouse that are very competitive, that want to win and obviously the team is playing well, we still have a long way to go.

“The group of guys we have, the competitiveness, I think I talked about it before, there’s really a selflessness amongst that entire group, whether it’s moving around the diamond, playing different positions, filling whatever role. Whether it’s young players, established players, anything like that, I think everything to a man, that’s what you want. Always excited and hope that we improve the club. It didn’t get done today and that’s not to say it won’t happen a week from now, or two weeks from now, I think it goes without saying, some of the guys coming back from the DL, there will be some improvements there and maybe some things get done in the next month. I’m not going to guarantee that but we’re definitely not going to stop being active and going over the wire and probably going to make some claims and things like that to see if we can add a player or two and we’ll see where things go.”

Other teams making moves…
“There was so much activity today, we’re so preoccupied in what we’re trying to get done, and you have to remember you have 30 clubs all on the phone, you really don’t have time to digest everything that happened. You’re hearing small things, Price is getting moved, but you’re not really spending time to sit back and analyse what your competition is doing. You’re so focused on what we’re trying to get done.

“From the trade deadline I jumped right onto this call, at some point I’ll try to sit down and really examine some of these deals and some of the prospects that got moved but I don’t know that I really have a strong take on it until I get a chance to sit back and look at all the years of control, the players, all that kind of stuff. Look, certainly any time great players leave the AL East that’s not a bad thing for us.”


Alex you didn’t have time to digest everything that has happened with other clubs because you were busy with trying to get this done, YOU DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!!!!

for everything AA has said about trades it’s nothing but a smoke screen and all about money the team is good but not good enough .AA failed to get some free agents in pitching and a good second baseman failed to make the team better at the trade line when good players could be had for little cost and the fact that AA refuses to sign free agents which dont hurt the farm system watch him let Melky go at seasons end and then will hear that they tried but couldnt find a deal time for AA to go

sure looks like more and more that no deals were done because Rogers would not add payroll and if they dont resign Melky and another couple free agents than they are showing us that winning is second
what about tonights game how does Tampa get a second challenge when they lost the first one

What’s up to all, since I am actually keen of reading this blog’s post to be updated
regularly. It consists of good material.

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