August 2014

Bautista talks deadline

“Of course it’s a little disappointing that we somehow weren’t able to get anything done, but everybody around us that’s in contention somehow — and even some teams that aren’t in contention, like the Red Sox – somehow figured it out. But there’s still time to get stuff done.”

“We still have a pretty good team put together and we’re hoping to get the guys that are hurt back and that’ll be a good injection of talent for us down the road.”

“But it’s a little bit of disappointment. So mixed feelings with the disappointment and then you’ve got to look at it from the other perspective: maybe they believe enough in our talent that they didn’t feel like they wanted to break up our group and sacrifice what we have now, because we’re
playing good ball. And maybe they have high hopes for us, and we do as well. So we got to deal with the guys we have here and we got to go out there and keep playing like we have been, with the group of guys that we have here right now.”